Friday, March 15, 2013

We're Back 2013

On the way to the game with Gary "Big Daddy" White, Derry 1 up already, not like us to miss a goal

Derry 3-0, Patterson hat trick, 38 minutes gone

Crawley makes it 4 with a sweet goal from the edge of the box

UCD Captain sent off, Derry 4 up game over

Derry now 5 up, missed the goal as checking scores, but its still a goal

Make that 6, what a night for City, Mark Griffin on the score sheet

Saturday, October 24, 2009

St Pats 0 - 2 Derry City

So, 2 months after my last post, I get to my next Derry City game - and what a game.

We had Any & Karina over from Germany for there first DCFC game, and also there first time in Ireland. Andy & Karina are members of "der Kranken Franken" - a FC St Pauli supporters club, St Pauli vplay in the 2nd division in Hamburg, Germany, check out their site -

Also meeting up with the Dublin SC for the first time was a Derry lad, Leo Devine, lead vocalist of a Derry/Dublin band Half Shot (feck, a feel half shot writing this) - check them out at Bebo - Currently listening to them as I type this up, great stuff.

All pictures from tonight can be found here -

Well, the day kicked off at around 4.30pm in the Central Bar on O'Connell Street, and the drinking began, then Leo showed up about 10 minutes later, so a few beer and a few more beer were had, then it was time to hop on the LUAS and head out to McDowells for a few scoops, and meet up with Scoops before the game. On the LUAS, ran into a bunch of Dublin lads who had been in St Pauli's ground in Hamburg, and played a gig in their VIP members area - I tell you, a small world.

Well, we hit McDowell's and Scoops was at the bar, and with him were 2 Derry City Scarves for Andy & Karina. Good man Scoops. A few more beer was had and then it was into Richmond Park for the match.

As always, my match report will be short and sweet, better reports can be found on Derry City Chat -

2 nil to the Cty, with goals coming in the first half from Gareth McGlynn, a lovely 25 yard strike, that might have taken a slight deflection, but we'll have to wait for MNS to confirm that, and then David McDaid in the second half, so 2 goals in 2 games for the young lad. (although, with me being thirty-something, most of the players are young lads compared to me). So a big win for DCFC after 5 straigh loses and major issues at the club, which I'll not go into as I don't know enough about it, but I hope we have a team to support next year, as I was saying to, Michaels wife, (sory can't for the life of me remember here name - which is truely awful, especially after she had a tin of Roses for all the Derry fans to munch on) anyhow, as I was saying, the feeling of waking up on a Monday morning, knowing that DCFC are in town on a Friday night for a match, is not something I want to lose.

Highlights from thew match:
  • Big Hugh taking thw chant "Take your shirt off for the City" quite literally - yuour a mad man Hugh -
  • Andy & Karina being over for a City win, which was, from my perspective, totally unexpected
  • McGlynn's goal - fantastic strike
  • The singing, chanting and banter at the match
  • The Derry fans - for making their way down in troubled tiimes - great to meet up with them
  • Getting a FC St Pauli in return for sorting out Andy & Karina with Derry Scarfs - nice - I'll add it to my collection of benny hats

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bray Wanders 0 - 1 Derry City

The match on Friday night in the Carlisle Grounds was the first I've been able to make in ages. The last one, was the 1-0 defeat to Bohs in Dalymount on the 19th of July - so about 6 weeks later I make the next game.

As always, the lubrication of the vocal chords started early, with Ciaran and myself meeting up for a pint in the Sub Lounge bar, before getting the Dart out to Bray. The one surprising think about the bar, was that all draught beer was €3.40 - and that offer went on all night, as I ended up in there for a few pints after the game.

Well, after a cheap pint, it was 45 minutes on the Dart out to Bray to meet up with Scoops in the Hibernian just before 6. Gary "Big Daddy" White said he'd be in for 6pm, to which I said Paddy Power would offer 8/1 odds on that happening, and due to unforeseen problems in work, Gary had to miss out on the match. Damn, I wish I had of offered them odds. Although to compound matters for Big D, when he did let us know he couldn't make it, I also let slip that we had just ordered food in the pub.

Well, after a few pints and a feed we headed over to the game, as always, match reports are not my speciality, so we won't go to much into it. About 50-75 fans made it down to the match (of course these figures are a total gestimate by yours truly, and may be too high or low), and it's the first match I've been to in years where there's been no drums.

The match itself, well, wasn't a show case match, but Derry did hit the crossbar 3 times, at one stage had 6 corners in a row, and left it to the 90th minute to get the winner. I actually can't recall if I've ever seen Derry win out in Bray, it's a ground we've always struggled to get a result.

As always, the banter at the match was good craic, with some funny one=liners and chants through-out the match including:
  • "Stephen Kenny's Volunteer Army" - in reference to the lads playing only getting 25% of the wages due to financial woes at the club - well, fair play to the lads playing and getting the win, in what can only be a difficult time for all involved
  • The Ciara Martyn (Flinstone) Song - as song by Scoops and Brendy - didn't catch all the words of it, and it was very well worked
  • Me coming out with another idiotic shout at one of the players - Bray's number 2, me advising him that "2 is your shirt number not your IQ" to which Kev Mullen pointed out, that that statement made no sense - it all seriousness it had sounded perfect to me before I opened my mouth
  • The shock-horror of Martyn being caught offside, summed up nicely by, I think, Brendy, who stated "Ciaran Martyn, nooooo way!"
  • The shock-horror of the ref, Hancock, I believe having a good game, totally caught the fans off guard on that one

Just taking a look at the fixtures, the only Derry game left in Dublin is away to St Pat's at the end of October, of course, we also play away to Drogs in 2 weeks time and away to Dundalk at the end of the season. Not to sure about the Setanta Sports Cup fixtures, but I have learned that they may push out the Cork game, which really pissed me off, as I had a possibility of swinging an expenses paid weekend down in Cork for training on the Saturday with work, to be told the game may be moved - denied.

Well, the 1-0 win, takes Derry to third in the league, ahead of Cork on goal difference. With 11 games to go, it's a push to guarantee a European place for next season.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Kevin Moran FC Cruise To Victory Over The Dublin SC

Well, at least we are consistent, 0 for 2 for the DCFC Dublin SC's 5-a-side team after yesterday's 18-12 defeat by the Kevin Moran FC, played in in Coolock AstroPark. The team line up's were as follows:

Kevin Moran FC:
Brendan "Choco" Doran
Paul The Lad" Trimble
Darren "Thinks He's Iniesta" Wallis
Mick "Trimbles Nemisis" Kinsella
Danny "Grace Jones" Hoey

Dublin SC:
Gary "Big Daddy" White
Darren "Morph" Smyth
Graeme "Scoops" Taylor
Will "The Child" McCann
Alan Walsh
Dessie Walsh

Well, the day got off to a bad start when Morph didn't even bring along a home top, and yes Morph, it was mentioned in the email, and had to borrow one from Gary, and then had to swap with Alan, cause the first one was not big enough (I wonder do the club shop sell tents). When swapping over tops, Morph did mention that he was bigger (or wider - I can't really remember) than Alan, to which I responded "You Think!" - which got the laughs going.

Well, out on the pitch, the Dublin SC took the lead through Morph and kept pace with the lads until about 4-4, when the Kevin Moran FC upped their game to open up a 4 goal lead making it 10-6 at half time. The second half was much of the same, but the Dublin SC did get to within 2 goals of the No Namers, before they upped they game again and the game ended 18-12.

Highlights & Lowlights Of Game:

"Best Ever 5-a-Side Goal Ever Scored"
The "Best 5-a-side Goal Ever Scored" was scored during the match. Choco caught in a corner defending, thumped the ball off the back wall across his own box, to apparent safety until Alan launched himself at the ball and headed into the top corner. Superman couldn't have done it better.

Willy's Thunderbolt Goal
How it happenened in The Child's Mind:
I picked up the ball in our own half and moved into the space in front of me and cracked a shot from about 47 yards out, that flew past Mick Kinsella in goal, who was helpless and could only watch the ball fly into the top corner.

How It Allegedly Happened in Reality:
I picked up the ball about 10 yards out, and thumped a shot high and straight into Mick's hands, turned my back and heard a cheer and turned around to see that Mick somehow managed to drop the ball into the net.

No matter what way it happnened, I'm claiming it

"Best Ever Save By Use Of Ones Face"
The "Best Ever Save By Use Of Ones Face" happened early on in the match, when Trimble "The Lad" smacked a ferocius shot for outside the area that The Child calmly saved with the right side of his face. Of course, we won't point out at this time that the shot was probably going high.

Choco Jumping Big Daddy
When Big D went in goals for he Dublin SC, Choco went in the back of him at least twice, when he was bending down to collect the ball - No Choco, it ain't a disco and he ain't a good looking woman, so hands off.

The Near (Bloody Awful) Misses
I could right a book on this topic, with the Dublin SC has a majority of fluffed shots in the game. Wether it be me missing the target by about 40 yards (which is exceptional, as the back of the cage is only about 20 yards) to Gary's pure ineffectiveness in front of goal, or Morph's goal hunting in front of goal at the end when he players to pass to for an open goal.

There was also a number of misses by Kevin Moran FC, with either Trimble or Dar missing an easy chance early on, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and say the ball bobbled over their boot laces. But the best miss of the day I have to give to Mick. After picking up the ball in his own half and beating 48 players (Big Daddy, Morph and me about 46 times) he rounded the keeper and hit the ball wide of the post

First To 3:
In true Sunday afternoon footballing with the lads tradition, after playing for about 70 odd minutes and us getting beat 18-12, it was decided to have a first to 3 wins the game at the end.
The No Namers went 2-0 up, before The Child calmly slotted home to make it 2-1, before the Dublin SC decided to self destruct in front of goal and miss everything going, or not pass and glory hunt instead (naming no names here Morph) although Kevin Moran FC put in a strong defensive display, and then went on to win 3-1.

Postives To Be Taken From The Match:
  • We got into double figures in the goal scoring
  • We actually scored first instead of going a mile behind to start with
  • The ball impression has finally disappeared from my face
  • Alan scored the "Best Ever 5-a-Side Goal Ever Scored"
The Dublin SC would like to extend it's thanks to Kevin Moran FC for the game, and we might come back at the end of the summer for a rematch.

No players ratings for the teams, as I'll let others do that.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Pre European Tour Warm Up

With Derry back in Europe this year, a number of the Dublin SC decided to do a pre-European Tour warm up, and headed over to Madrid for the weekend to watch the Atletico de Madrid v Osasuna game on Sunday. It was also billed as Stephen "El Grande" Large's stag weekend, but he is still yet to admit to that.

NOTE: All text in RED are hyperlinks to the photos giving validity to the story

The four brave souls who travelled were:

And as always, this write up will focus less on the match report and more on the comic antics of the Dublin SC Members.

The reason for picking the Atletico game was quite simple, they play in the Candy Stripes, like our very own Derry City FC, so we were able to go to the game with our Derry home tops on.

Well the weekend kicked off at 5am Friday morning when we arrived at Dublin airport for our flight out to Madrid at 6.20am. We quickly got checked in and got through security, and even had time for a quick beer before boarding the plane.

On the plane, the scene was set for the weekend, with me opening and mouth and firmly lodging my foot into it. We were having a discussion about what other games we could go to in Europe over the next few years, and some mentioned heading to Germany, specifically Munich so that we could take in the beer festival. As you all will probably know, the festival is called Oktoberfest, and brains here asked when was it on, and so the weekend kicked off.

We landed in Madrid around 11.45am and the sun was splitting the sky, like it would for the rest of the weeknd, and it was a balmy 23 Degrees - perfect for Derry lads.

We got the Metro to the hotel, and it has to be said, it is a great system, the hotel was probably 15 miles from the Airport and it only took 40 minutes on the Metro to get to the stop near the hotel. Check-in to the hotel was another comic moment, albeit from the hotel receptionist this time playing the role of comic. We checked to two room and had to have a passport registered to each room, the 3 lads were travelling on their Irish passports, and me be a lazy git was travelling on my British, and the clerk asked why the difference and Big Daddy explained we were all from Northern Ireland, and the clerk jokingly said "So is it Derry or Londonderry" to which the reply was "Derry" and we explained we were all from Derry, although I'm sure some funny git might have suggested I was from the latter.

The hotel was the Hotel Praga situated close to the Estadio Vicente Calderon for the match, and it was a bargain for the price paid. Well, we headed to the rooms to dump the bags and get the shorts on and head out and take a look around.

Our first stop was to get a beer and a snack, which for 4 glasses of beer and two plates of tapas came in at a nice sound of €5, which we were well impressed with. Then over to the stadium to take a look around the stadium and take a nosey into the club shop, were I managed to pick up a Atletio benny hat - a small hobby of mine, collecting benny hats from different clubs I go to. Now of course, this is OK when living in Ireland, but Spain, although, the benny hat did protect my balding head from the sun.

After a brave bit of walking, Scoops headed for a siesta, whereas Big Daddy, El Grande and myself headed off into town for a nosey around, the purpose of finding an Irish bar that was showing the Bohs v Cork game. So an internet cafe was found and Irish bars scouted, so we headed of to the James Joyce, well we thought we were heading there, with El Grande's great sense of direction and previous knowledge of Madrid. Well 2 miles later, walking in the wrong direction, we figured out a wrong turn coming out of the Internet cafe may have been taken, let it be said, there's nothing slow about the Dublin SC Members. So we decided to head back on the Metro, and another wrong turn was taken, leading us to do an additional two hops on the metro, I won't say anyone was at fault here, but as always, there was one man walking in front of the rest of us.

So, finally we reached James Joyce, got a nice cold pint and asked the barman were they showing the League of Ireland game on RTE 2. With the barman being an English Bloke we may of well have been asking for directions to Tallaght, for the look on his face and the fact we had to explain what we were asking, and we were denied, no match being shown. After that we hit another few Irish pubs, with names like O'Reillys, The Dubliner, O'Connell Street, until we found a bar that had RTE and would stick on the match. So Scoops was called to meet up with us and we sat down to a bite to eat and waited on kick-off, to find that, although the bar had RTE2 listed on Sky, they didn't get it, so the bar got 4 lads in drinking and eating for a few hours under false pretences - bummer. After that, we ended up back at the hotel exhausted from a long day.

Saturday, we hit the stadium again to pick up the match tickets and some more shopping in the club shop, and then we headed into town to do the touristy stuff you're supposed to do whilst on hols. The first site we hit was the Plaza Major, a square with side alleys leading into it, and a large number of cafe's. After a quick Google, the main aspect of it seems to be bull fighting, although after seeing some details on it, it would be impressive to see it at night lit up.

Next up, we decided to find an internet cafe and see if Real was playing in Madrid, but on the way we ran into a group of Tenerife fans over for a 2nd Division clash against Rayo Vallecano de Madrid, a 1st v. 4th game. So we found out where and when it was on, and headed to get fuelled up before heading to the match. We ended up in a wee pub close to all the Irish bars we were in the night before. The food was excellent, (if Big Daddy was writing this update, the next 20 paragraphs would explain what excellent food meant) the beer, non-alcohol for some, although it was good to wind up Big Daddy that we were all drinking it, was tasty, and the bill for about 6 plates of Tapas and 3 or 4 beer each was only €50. And also with the bill came a shot of liquor each, which kinda tasted like that pink medicine you had to swallow as a kid.

Then it was just a hop on the Metro and out to the ground, and this time round, coming out of the Metro, a left turn at the top of the steps and we were at the stadium. So we checked out a few stalls, and I ended up getting a Rayo benny hat (Benny Hat Count 2 - 3 if you included the DCFC one I had been wearing early Friday morning getting to the Airport) and Scoops picked up a Red & White barred scarf and we headed of to get tickets. The Rayo stands were sold out, so we got tickets for the Tenerfie stand, so the Rayo benny hat disappeared, after the ticket seller pointed it out.

So, before the match we headed over to a bar with a load of Tenerife fans, and got talking to a few, a lot of Scots ex-pats followed them as they wore the Scottish colours, and throw in a whack of English and Welsh ex-pats as well. All told they bought 800 fans over from Tenerife for the game.

So 4 bottles of beer were bought, at €8 a round, and a table was grabbed for us to chill before the match. Some how the table arrangements ended up as Scoops on one side of the table and El Grande, Big Daddy and The Child on the other. After about 3 beer, Big Daddy pointed out that Scoops looked like a Mafia don, on the far side of the table, and that’s when Graeme "Scoops" Taylor got his Dublin SC nickname of El Don.

So after the beer, it was time to head over to the game and cheer on Tenerife. The stadium was a nice wee stadium that held 15,000 (damn I wish we had a nice wee stadium in them terms) and it was full for the top of the table clash. As always, the match report can be found on another site, but it was a good game, ending in 0-0 and Tenerife had a few handy players of note. Also, click here to see one of the funniest footie flags I have yet to see. Good crowd banter at the match and some free flowing football, even some chants we could understand and add our voices to.

After the match, it was back to the hotel to relax for a hour or and get the glad rags on to head out for a few beer on the Saturday night. We ended up in the same area as the night before, but this time round we hit the Spanish bars for the local beer and food. After a bite to eat, we ended up in a small side street bar, with Big Daddy and El Don drinking pitchers of Sangria. Half way down the first, Big Daddy mentioned that he thought the frog was talking to him, at which point the rest of us were lost, until he pointed to the tiled walls with small green frogs on the tiles - Sangria - great for drinking stories.

Shortly after that, and without The Child asking for it, there was a Family Planning Conference held for Will "The Child" McCann. Here, El Don, El Grande & Big Daddy decided that it would be good for The Child to have twins in the near future who'd grow up and play on the left and right wings for Derry, and the twins were then promptly named Jose & Juan, which said together role off the tongue as Jose Juan McCann. And being a good Family Planning Conference that it was, it was decided that my future chat up lines should go along the lines of "Was your da any good at football" and if the answer is Yes, "Do twins run in your family". How nice of the lads to be so obliging, and also land me with my 2nd Dublin SC nickname of Will "Jose Juan" McCann. Thanks lads.

Sunday - match day - game on - Derry home tops on. The match kicked off at 5pm, so just to make sure we got there on time, we headed up around 12pm. And some stalls were up already selling scarfs and hats, and of course I spotted another Benny Hat of interest, a Red & White hoops, so I went up to get that when one of the lads pointed out an even better one, a Red & White Candy Striped benny hat - oh yes. (Benny Hat Count: Atletico 2, Ray 1, Derry 1). So that that, a bar was found for lubrication for the vocal cords and a bite to eat. There was some funny looks, with the 4 of us wearing the Derry tops, and some stares and comments made. After we fuelled up again, it was back down to the club shop for the lads to pick up Atletico tops and El Grande and Scoops got their names printed on the back, with some sniggers and laughs at Scoops, but we have yet to find out what it means in Spanish. Then another bar was found, and we chilled in the sun for a few hours and a few beer was had.

A few more chats with Atletico fans were had to explain the Derry tops and why we were over to catch the match. Then game time, we headed over to the stadium, which holds 55,000. We got great seats on the south stand (or maybe north - I don't know) on the top tier down at the front. Match report to follow in the next 2 lines. With 3 of us also being Man U fans it was good to see Diego Forlan on the pitch for kick-off. The game itself was end to end entertainment with Osasuna winning 4-2 with some awful defending by Atletico, and we did get to see Diego score a goal to make it 1-1. Although at one stage of the match I was getting worried about a lone sniper being in the stands, with the amount of diving happening on the pitch.

Big Daddy also ended up talking to some of the fans and again explaining the Derry tops and that we were from Ireland, and here he was asked whether we were Catholic or Protestant, Catholic being the reply, but it's weird the tangents these conversations can go off on.

Well, after the match, we headed off got a bite to eat and relaxed, as an early rise was planned for the return home on Monday morning. As always heading home is not as much fun as heading away. But on the metro to the airport, another meeting of the McCann Family Planning Conference was held, were it was decided my 3rd child would be Derry's left back and would be aptly named Benny.

So, after being delayed in in Airport, we finally got back into Dublin at 2pm on Monday, with Stephen "El Grande" Large leading the charge through the airport, when El Don finally came up with Stephen’s Dublin SC nickname, so we now have Stephen "Bolt" Large.

There's some hyperlinks above with pics, but all my pics can be found here - and El Don's pics can be found here -

Monday, November 24, 2008

FAI Ford Cup Final - Bohs Win On Penalties

Absolutely gutted.

I've been to a number of games where Derry have won on penalties and it was a great feeling, but losing on them is the opposite side of the coin, devastated after the match, and I'd say the players feel even worse losing on penalties. Gutted.

Well, the big day itself got off to a stuttering start, I headed in to Connolly to meet Scoops to get theDART out to Lansdowne, ended up getting a lift into the station, leaving me way ahead of schedule, and the bar in the train station wasn't open, bummer or what, OK it might have been only 10.50am but a drink wouldn't have went a miss.

So headed out towards the RDS area with Scoops and meet up with Ciaran, Big Daddy and The Hitman at around 11.50am, outside of Paddy Cullens, which didn't open until 12.30pm - real run of bad luck with the bars yesterday. So we ended up across the street in Madigans??? (not to sure about the name of the pub), where the Twins Neil & Darren joined us and the beer started to flow, about an hour and a half after my first sneaky beer of the morning before leaving the house.

We then headed over to Paddy's after a while, and ran into a few heads down from Derry (the bar most have made a killing). Photos from the bar and the match can be found here -

Well, before heading over to the RDS, the pre-match cocktail had to be bought - which was great fun ordering in a packed bar, so we went for a simple one - Bailyes & Creme de Mont - lovely stuff, and great fun asking the barmaid for 8 of them, that round coming in at just under 80 quid.

So over to the RDS it was, we were in the Anglesea Stand, and I'd have to say it was a marked improvement in the RDS from the Cup Final last year, with the Grandstand up.

I won't do a match report, as I'm still pissed off about it and would end up having to censor it 10 times over, but one can be found here -

2-2 after 120 minutes of play, with us conceding a soft goal and a dodgy penalty. Both teams had great chances to win it in extra-time with both keepers making excellent stops, so it came down to penatlies - which I just read their now was the first time in 88 years that the FAI Cup was decided on penatlies - by jesus didn't we pick a bad time to lose.

Derry scored 3 and had two saved by Brian Murphy, the Bohs keeper - and their hero on the day, and Bohs scored 4 and missed 1 to lift the cup.

Stilled bloody gutted about the result, but it was one hell of a game to be at, with the attendance around the 10000 mark - with people reckoning it was close to a 50-50 still on fans with the odd neutral in the crowd as well.

I couldn't stay to watch the medals being given out, as I would have been standing there going fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. So it was back over to Paddy Cullen's for a few beer and also to try and get the feet warmed up, as mine felt likes blocks of ice.

And of course, yours truely had a deck of cards, so a wee game of Maverick was got going, with Big Daddy lifting the biggest pot of the day, around €16, and me not recoving too well from bets placed before the match.

There was a good bit of banter in the bar with both Derry & Bohs fans, the way it should be really, and I lived up my nickname "The Child" when I fell asleep in a packed bar - it is a true skill with which I am gifted. Afte that, it was a taxi hoome, after a great day out, just the result didn't go our way.

Absolutely gutted.

But with the performance the team put in, it can only give us hope for the new season, which at the minute is a bloody long way off, but bring it on.

C'mon the Candy Stripes

Saturday, November 22, 2008

FAI Ford Cup Final - Game On

Well, 7 months after my last post, I get the finger out to post again. This will be the pre-match post for the final, the post match post will hopefully come sometime Monday(ish).

Date: Sunday 23rd November
Time: 3.00pm
Place: RDS Dublin

The season finally, the FAI Ford Cup Final see the mighty Candy Stripes take on the Bohs, in what should be one hell of an entertaining match. Bohs come into the game in impressive form after coasting to the League Title ahead of Pats in 2nd and Derry in 3rd, and are now chasing the cup for a League & Cup double.

Derry are chasing a Cup double after winning the League Cup for a 4th successive time against Wexford Youths, and go into the game knowing that they are the only team Bohs have failed to beat this year, we've played 4, won 2, draw 2. We drew 0-0 home and away in the League, won 1-0 away in the league and won 4-1 in the League Cup in the Brandywell.

Well, role on the Final, the buzz around the supporters and on Derry City Chat is something else.

The Dublin SC have planned to meet up in Paddy Cullens Bar in Ballsbridge for 11.30am-12pm tomorrow to get the vocal cords lubricated for the match. And following on from traditions of going to other matches, we will be having cocktails just before heading up to the RDS to cheer on the Candy Stripes.

Those in attendance will be
  • Big Daddy
  • The Hitman
  • Scoops
  • The Child
  • The Twins
  • Ciaran

Well role on 3pm Sunday. My bet for the match is Mark Farren to score first & Derry City to win 2-0, 90/1 odds in Boylesports, but I don't care what the result, as long as the FAI Ford Cup has to make a long journey up to Derry after the match.

C'mon the City